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BST is the market leader in multi-way biosensors in Europe and an international operating company. Our competence is in the development, production and distribution of multi-way biosensors, instruments based on these multi-way biosensors and all related consumables.

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Multi-way biosensors - BST's contribution for optimal medical diagnostics and therapy! Based on our competence in development and production of multi-way biosensors which dates back to 1975, we work continuously for the improvement of quality in diagnostics of metabolism in clinical laboratories and the POCT area. Today we are convinced that the quality of diagnostics, especially outside of central laboratories, could be significantly improved by a further spread of multi-way biosensors. For more than 25 years people in clinical labs appreciate the high level of analytical performance of BST products, e.g. of glucose and lactate membrane type and thick film type biosensors for clinical analyzers. We are confident that patients have the right of appropriate diagnostics not only in a lab but in the POCT area as well. Our vision is to improve the quality of the patient's life and to reduce the health care costs for the society in parallel. That aim is our daily stimulation to work hard and efficient for the realization of our challenging goals.

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